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The Story of SAVU South Alor pure oceanic passion

SAVU's first well
A gem doesn’t just fall from the sky. This saying nicely illustrates the story of our resort in Alor. Although it was already clear to us when we first set foot onto this piece of eden in 2015 that we had found a gem, we had to be patient until the plot finally became available. Three years later the time had come and we could break ground to start building SAVU South Alor.

There are many hidden gems in the vast archipelago of Indonesia. However, for us this specific piece of land was and still is the one and only. It is Alor itself, the yet largely unexplored south of the island with healthy and pristine reefs, the Savu Sea with its large number of different cetacean species, and the sheer beauty of the land with a topography of sandy white beach and rugged cliffs that make us so fond of this place.

With the start of construction, SAVU also became our new home. We totally immersed ourselves in to the adventure of designing and shaping our Alor luxury dive resort according to our vision and ideas. SAVU, as it is today, is not only a classy resort for all ocean lovers, but also an example of a sustainable operation in harmony with the environment and the people of Alor. We look forward to sharing this gem paired with our dedication to and knowledge of the ocean with you. It’s pure oceanic passion.

Who is behind SAVU

Johannes & Lily Hennicke at Savu South Alor

Johannes & Liliane Hennicke

Managing Owners of SAVU

Johannes & Liliane, founders and owners of SAVU South Alor, have been working in the diving industry in Indonesia for many years. Together they accumulated numerous years of operational experience in the most remote locations, a broad knowledge about the ocean and its inhabitants, engagement in conservation and the great passion to share all of it with others.

Jeremy Sam Brennan

Jeremy Brennan


Jeremy, partner of SAVU South Alor from day one, has been living in Kalabahi for many years and is the general manager of one of the largest consumer goods distributors in Alor. He brings local know-how, purchasing, and logistics capability directly to SAVU South Alor’s doorstep.

SAVU South Alor Staff

Our dedicated Staff

Everything else which makes your holiday an unforgettable experience is hand delivered by our dedicated staff. And it is a lot.

Our Collaborations to preserve what we love

We take you to pristine and untouched reefs, look out for whales & dolphins and let you completely immerse in an unrivalled oceanic world. To ensure and strengthen the protection of this blue garden eden SAVU is deeply and actively involved in local marine conservation projects.

More information about these exciting collaborations and projects can be found from time to time in our blog as well as our social media channels.
Logo Planet Deep

Planet Deep

A non-profit organisation focussed on the conservation of oceanic whales and dolphins & their deep sea habitats in the coral triangle.

Logo Thresher Shark Indonesia

Thresher Shark Indonesia

A non-profit organisation focussed on the conservation of thresher sharks in the Alor Archipelago.

Logo Aliansi Bahari Alor

Aliansi Bahari Alor

The alliance of marine tourism operators in Alor, which promotes sustainable tourism.

Logo MPA Sementara

DKP Alor

The government authority in charge of managing the MPA in collaboration with other stakeholders.