Far away from the town and its markets, being self-sufficient becomes mandatory. We grow a vast variety of vegetables and herbs in our organic food farm, which is designed following permaculture principles. It is spread throughout the resort including guest areas, with the main vegetable and fruit production surrounding our solar panel array, located in the backyard of the property. You are welcome to explore or take a tour to learn about the local fruits, vegetables and spices grown on site for use in our meals and beverages in accordance with our commitment to environmental sustainability.

The SAVU farm enables us to always have fresh and organic ingredients at hand. Our menus are inspired by the surrounding environment and feature local ingredients in a delicate fusion of traditional and western cuisine. The diversity of Indonesian dishes reflects the vast archipelago. The many traditions and cultures – old and new, east and west – make up the culinary experience at SAVU.

The fusion of two different culinary cultures is also reflected in our SAVU signature drinks. You may find a cocktail familiar and yet experience its local touch. Our Tamarind Whisky Sour for instance will leave you with a unique and refreshing taste experience.

You are invited on a culinary journey of healthy and organic signature dishes. For breakfast and lunch you bury your toes in powder white sand while enjoying your meal in our waterfront beach barbeque restaurant. Dinners are served in the main dining room, in a spectacular setting overlooking the illumed 18-meter infinity pool with the expansive Savu Sea in the backdrop. Bonne appétit – selamat makan.

Sea breeze. Sandy toes. Indulge your senses in our feet-in-sand restaurant at the SAVU beach.

This is your place to be for sunset. Enjoy a signature drink at our SAVU bar.

You want to learn about local vegetables and fruits? Come and take a tour through our SAVU permaculture farm.

This is where the spices come from: our kitchen’s chef little herb garden.

SAVU blends seamlessly into its surroundings – rugged luxury meets pure nature.