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Here at SAVU South Alor, marine conservation is at the heart and soul of everything we do – it’s a major driving force that we are incredibly passionate about. In this Blog, we are sharing what we do to go the extra mile and beyond simple steps to larger scale projects that harness technology to support and enhance our efforts and results.

Plastic Reduction

The bottom line is that a huge percentage of plastic consumed on land ends up in our oceans – and we don’t want to contribute to this. While we can’t claim to be 100% plastic free, it’s not through a lack of trying and that is our ultimate aim. To get as close as possible to being plastic free we do not use single use plastic in the resort. We opt to use natural products – many of which are inspired by our local Indonesian traditions such as using banana leaf and cassava alternatives.

When shopping at the markets, sadly plastic bags are still the norm so instead of accepting the bags our shopping staff are equipped with cotton shopping bags to place produce in. We try to spread this message to our team, to local communities and to lead by example. The rubbish bins in our cottages and villas are even equipped with re-useable rubbish bags too!

We also try to work with our suppliers on ways in which they can reduce plastic wrapping and packaging when shipping or delivering goods to us.

Finally, we want to support our guests who do not want to use plastic either. We provide biodegradable toiletries in beautiful refillable bottles and provide reusable water bottles so that guests do not need to use plastic items they wouldn’t choose to use at home.

Guide to snorkeling in Alor

Reef Protection

Nowhere is perfect and there is plastic in our oceans around the world. For this reason, and to help alleviate issues, our dive guides pick up any plastic (or other manmade debris) they find on the reef when diving. We also arrange dedicated underwater cleanups.

Plastic isn’t the only issue we address. We are currently working with the local government on an initiative to install mooring buoys on many dive sites as well as large moorings in several places for visiting liveaboards and yachts.

Wherever possible we try to communicate to our local villages about issues relating to plastic waste and anchor damage.

Finally, Our boats are not painted with antifouling – which means we have to undertake much more cleaning work on the hull – at least twice a week! However, the extra cleaning is worth it to us because it means there are no highly destructive poisonous particles leaking onto the reefs from any of our boats.

Dolphin and Whale Watching in Alor - marine conservation

Collaboration with Planet Deep Foundation

Marine Life Protection:

 Independently and in collaboration with Planet Deep Foundation we monitor marine life sightings in Alor – specifically sightings of cetaceans as they migrate through our waters. The Planet Deep Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on scientific research and the conservation of oceanic whales and dolphins, as well as the protective management of their deep-sea habitats. Our dedicated dolphin and whale watching tours put us in a unique position to be able to do this and we believe it’s both a privilege and our responsibility to step up to the plate however we can.


As a recognized science based non-profit organization, we collaborate with Planet Deep with regard to providing local government and other interested stakeholders with science-based results and recommendations around marine conservation and related issues.

Currently, we are providing the local government with a roadmap for sustainable whale and dolphin watching in Alor. This is just one example of the far-reaching projects that we undertake. We consider all of our projects and initiatives with Planet Deep to be a privilege borne through our close collaboration.


Planet Deep Foundation produces high quality, results and data driven science based educational materials that enable us to learn and improve. In turn, we are better able to educate our team and local communities about the marine life found here in Alor and about marine conservation.

farm to table

Our Farm to Table Take on Dining

Our organic food farm is spread throughout the resort – feel free to take a walk around or a tour while you are here! In addition to growing our fresh produce following permaculture principles, we do not use any chemical pesticides or fertilizers that could potentially leak or wash into our oceans. We compost our organic waste and use home-made, natural mixes to deter any insects.

Of course, all seafood that is served in our restaurant is sustainably caught or farmed – another plus for marine conservation.

sustainable solar panels

Solar Power

Our solar power system was no easy feat to ship to Alor and install but it means that we do not need to rely on generators (outside of emergencies) which ensures we are further reducing our carbon footprint.

We are extremely proud that when the sun is shining and all is going well, we can power our resort entirely through solar power!

Responsible Waste Management

As well as composting our organic waste, we are also supporting a responsible waste management project that is being spearheaded by former WWF staff here in Alor – a great step forward. This means that some items, such as beer bottles and cans can now be recycled instead of potentially making their way into the water.

sustainable resort in Alor

Experience Our Sustainable Resort in Alor

Are you like-minded with a love for our oceans, adventure, marine conservation and sustainability? If so, we are ready to welcome you at SAVU South Alor! Explore our incredible coral reefs, kick back and unwind on our white sand beach, and enjoy our barefoot luxury approach. Our commitment to sustainability and marine conservation is borne out of our passion for the ocean – something we look forward to sharing with you!

If you would like to join us in Alor contact us at: or fill in our contact form. We look forward to welcoming you to SAVU South Alor soon.

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